How long will the recruitment process take?

Every application is different dependent on the amount of references and checks that need to be carried out but it should normally take around 4-6 months. The recruitment process can be delayed by not providing complete and accurate information on your application form.

Can I choose where to work?

Sometimes. It depends on the capacity of the Local Policing Team you have requested.

How many hours will I need to work?

We ask that you volunteer 4.25 hours per week or more if you can.

Am I a Special Constable 24 hours per day, 7 days a week?

You only have the powers of a Constable when you are on duty as a Special Constable. However, if you are not on duty and you find yourself in a situation where you need to use your powers of a Constable, then you can put yourself on duty at that time. You will learn more about these procedures during your training.

Will I be involved in any operations?

Yes, as a Special Constable you are an important resource and therefore will be utilised in many ways, which may include your involvement in local operations and force initiatives.

How much will I be paid?

Special Constables are volunteer police officers. Although you won't be paid, your training and duties will give you unique experiences, new and valuable skills, plus a tremendous sense of achievement of doing something worthwhile for your community. We pay expenses so you will not be out of pocket for giving your time to us.

Will I have to go to court?

Should you make an arrest as a Special Constable and the case is later taken to court you may have to attend court to either give evidence or to be a witness. You will be entitled to any loss of earnings you may incur due to a court appearance.

Will I receive any allowances?

Yes, travel to and from your posted police station will be paid for as well as any other travel expenses made by yourself whilst on duty. If you live outside the force boundary travel costs can only be claimed from the point of entry to the force area. Your uniform is provided and you will receive a boot allowance for appropriate footwear. A refreshment allowance is also paid, this is dependent on the number of hours in any given tour of duty.

Would I be insured if I was injured on duty?

Yes, you would be covered by Cheshire Constabulary’s insurance if you were injured whilst on duty as a Volunteer Police Officer

Would I receive continuous professional training?

Yes. Once you have completed your foundation training course and are out on division performing duty, your continuous training will be delivered at divisional level to ensure you are always up to date with current laws, legislation and procedural matters. You will also be working towards Independent Patrol Status, with the help of a Personal Development Portfolio.

Does being a Special Constable help me become a Police Officer?

Being a Special Constable will enable you to experience all aspects of police work and gain a wealth of professional knowledge. There are promotion prospects within the Specials through their own rank structure. However time served as a Special will not guarantee a position as a regular officer.

Can I join if I have a criminal record?

A number of crimes will mean a definite or likely rejection of your application, including anyone who has received a formal caution in the last five years, committed a violent crime or public order offence. When applying we would recommend honesty.

Can I join if I have tattoos?

You should not have tattoos which could cause offence. Tattoos are not acceptable if they are particularly prominent, garish, offensive or undermine the dignity and authority of your role. You will be required to supply photographs of tattoos with your application form.

Will my financial status affect my application?

Applicants will have their financial status checked. These checks are carried out because police officers/staff have access to privileged information, which may make them vulnerable to corruption. Applicants with outstanding County Court judgements or who have been registered bankrupt with outstanding debts will be rejected.