The Special Constabulary in Cheshire are an integral part of the force, they are key to delivering our commitment to policing “We Care.”

Cheshire Constabulary welcome applications from any currently serving (wishing to transfer) and former (wishing to re-join) members of the Special Constabulary who share this vision.

What can I expect at as a Special at Cheshire Constabulary?

You will already be familiar with the duties of a Special who work to make our communities safer by:

  • Spending time at local schools, educating young people about crime reduction and community safety.
  • Assisting the force with many aspects of policing, from high-visibility patrols to traffic operations, counter-terrorism and community safety.
  • Supporting victims by detecting and investigating crime.
  • Working with colleagues to bring those responsible for crime to justice, from arrest through to conviction.
  • Assisting at the scene of accidents, fights or fires.
  • Enforcing road safety initiatives.
  • Conducting house-to-house enquiries.
  • Providing security at major events.
  • Tackling anti-social and alcohol related incidents.

Cheshire also offer Specials the opportunity to get involved in our specialist units, including the Enhanced Search Team, Cyber Crime Investigation Team, Proactive Licensing Team and the Road and Crime Unit.

Visit our Specialist Page for further information.

We have a team dedicated to ensuring that our Specials are fully trained and integrated into Cheshire and so you can expect to receive the support you need to progress and enhance your career in the Special Constabulary.

If you are interested in Transferring or Re-Joining as a Special then please click the below link to apply: Current Vacancies