It is important to us that we know about the issues that cause you concern. We have set up a survey where you can tell us about the things you would like us to focus on in your area.


Map showing community areas

The map below shows how Macclesfield Local Policing Unit is broken down into community areas covering a number of towns in the area. If you go to the Your Area section of this site and put your postcode in you'll be able to find out which area you live in and who your local PC and PCSO are.


When you take the survey we will ask you which Community Area you live in so please check on the map before completing the survey.

Take the survey

Stay up to date

We have local accounts on Twitter and Facebook where you can get updates from local officers and even send them direct messages.

You can also sign up to Cheshire Police Alert to get updates from your officers by email. Go to the Cheshire Police Alert website to sign up.