Having a diverse workforce is good news for policing because it opens up a wider range of skills and talents and supports employee wellbeing. It is positive for the public too. Diverse workforces can better respond to community needs. Cheshire Police will be at its best when we truly reflect the communities we serve. We want people like you to join us; people who are driven not just to see the difference in policing but who actively want to be the difference too.

Positive Action provides a range of lawful actions that overcome or minimise disadvantages in relation to employment opportunities that people who share a protected characteristic may experience. Section 158 and 159 of the Equality Act 2010 allows employers to use the positive action lawfully.

Positive Action should not be confused with Positive Discrimination, which generally means employing someone because they come from an under-represented group in spite of whether they have the relevant skills or qualifications as this is unlawful.

Positive Action gives individuals from under-represented groups a chance to access support and training, in preparation for and throughout recruitment processes, to overcome disadvantages competing with others. It is not about lowering standards, but rather about creating a level playing field and the same starting point for everyone.

Equality equity justice
Image credit: Advancing Equity and Inclusion — A Guide for Municipalities

The Equality Act 2010 supports individuals within specific underrepresented groups, known as the nine protected characteristics. It seeks to ensure that they can compete with other applicants on an equal basis to secure employment. Underrepresented groups include;

  • People of ethnic minority
  • Individuals who identify as having a visible or invisible disability
  • Gender in relation to female representation for PC entry routes
  • Gender in relation to male representation for Staff entry routes
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender + (LGBT+)

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