At Cheshire Constabulary individuals who have resigned or retired from a home office force are eligible to apply as a Re-joiner Police Officer. All Re-joiner candidates will be treated as new applicants and will undertake IPLDP training. Candidates may be eligible to re-join at their previous rank if the force has vacancies at that rank.

As a re-joining police officer, you will be at the very heart of protecting the local communities of Cheshire, driven by motivation to keep people safe and you will pride yourself on acting with integrity and honesty and have the highest respect for diversity amongst your colleagues and the communities you serve.

By re-joining us you can help us make a difference - simply by being the individual that you are.

As part of the policing family you will be trusted, developed, supported, protected and valued.

We want great officers and we also encourage individuality. We want you to be you.

About Cheshire Constabulary

Cheshire Constabulary was founded in 1857 and is now responsible for policing approximately 1.1 million people. There are approximately 2,164 regular Police Officers, 205 Police Community Support Officers and 1,464 civilian Police Staff.

Someone who serves in Cheshire Constabulary joins an organisation with a proud and formidable history and would be expected to maintain the high esteem in which the public holds the Force. To work at Cheshire Constabulary, you will also have to uphold The Police Service Statement of Common Values.

Cheshire Constabulary is an innovative, ambitious and progressive force where energy, enthusiasm and a commitment to openness and willingness to drive change is essential.



To apply as a Re-joiner you must:

  • Have previously served as a member of a police force.
  • Have either resigned or retired from that police force.
  • Have satisfactorily completed the period of probationary service in the rank of constable.

Recruitment process

Individuals are required to complete an online application form consisting of personal information, eligibility checks and competency based questions.

Your interview will be based on the Competency and Values Framework (CVF) which will be measured at the level appropriate to your rank.

It is important that you consider at an early stage of the process if you would like to request arrangements that will assist you in completing the selection process.

For example, in relation to disability, dyslexia, learning difficulties, pregnancy, injury etc.

Any requests for reasonable adjustments will be considered and arranged where possible. This information will be treated with the utmost confidence.

If you require any support or further information please email us at the earliest opportunity.

Those successful at interview will be progressed to pre-employment checks.

Rejoining officers will need to undergo the same pre-employment checks as our new recruit officers. The checks undertaken are: Vetting, References, Medical, Fitness, Drugs Testing and Biometrics.

Successful applicants will be aligned to an intake of new officers (IPLDP+) but training will be tailored to meet their individual needs and will be based on the below guidelines:

  • Re-joining within 0-12 months – join an IPLDP+ intake, your knowledge and experience will be assessed at the start of the programme with necessary training identified and delivered to ensure you are ready to be operational as soon as possible.
  • Re-joining between 1 and 5 years absence – join an IPLDP+ intake and complete most of the training programme, operational readiness will be assessed throughout and you will be made operational once fully trained and ready.
  • Re-joining after 5 years plus – join an IPLDP+ intake and complete the full programme, once complete you will be posted to response teams.

Please note that whilst previous specialisms, training or LPU will be considered when identifying postings a return to previous role cannot be guaranteed.

Before applying we recommend that potential candidates contact their pension provider to understand the potential implications of re-joining and that they understand and comply with the upper age limits outlined in the Police Regulations 2013.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Cheshire Constabulary is committed to diversity, equality and inclusion and is keen to recruit people with a wide range of skills and experiences and an understanding of cultural issues by offering Positive action support. Positive action is about taking lawful actions to address any disproportionality in our workforce representation. This can include development workshops such as our Insight Programme which will enable you to familiarise yourself about the recruitment process. Currently our representation across our ethnic minority colleagues does not reflect the communities that we serve as Police Constables. Our female representation as well as our LGBT+ representation and colleagues with disabilities is also below the community of Cheshire as a whole. Therefore, if you identify as being a female, identify as having a visible or hidden disability, LGBT+ or identify as a person of ethnic minority you are eligible for positive action support.

You can find out more about our commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion on our website.