The Ethics Advisory Forum has progressively developed in Cheshire Constabulary, and is currently attended by officers, staff and volunteers across the Constabulary. We're looking to receive referrals from members of the public and to have the public in attendance for part of the forums, in line with our Terms of Reference. This will enable us as a force to discuss ethical dilemmas posed by our community members, and for members of the public to debate some of the issues we face - increasing diversity of thought and transparency of how we do business. Recent ethical dilemmas we have discussed include:

  • Use of CBD products by officers
  • Officers use of private WhatsApp groups and the implications of such
  • Instagram account use with thousands of followers
  • Use of specialist medical skills by qualified practitioners when they are on duty as a Special Constable
  • The constabulary purchasing separate equipment, and being respectful of an officers wishes not to police operations that conflict with their personally held beliefs.

The forums are held on a quarterly basis at our headquarters in Winsford or with people connecting virtually, due to the current coronavirus pandemic and chaired by an independent chair, Professor Paul Manning, from Chester University. Professor Manning has research interests in various fields including social capital, behavioural ethics, knowledge management and criminal social networks.

The outcomes of discussions are shared at a strategic level at the Procedural Justice Board, chaired by Assistant Chief Constable Jenny Sims, and issues raised help inform strategic decision making regarding our service development and delivery. 

Please use the links below to find out how you can get involved, when the next forums are and what the forums have already discussed. You can also view how the forum fits into our Police Legitimacy Structure, and download our Terms of Reference.

We look forward to hearing from you.