Police Accountability Meetings (PAM) bring together members of the public and the police, to scrutinise the police at a force-wide level. PAM attendees are able to influence policing policy and procedures, with the public involved right at the heart of the process.

The PAM is independently chaired, currently by Andrew Bailey, and supported administratively by Cheshire Constabulary.

Andrew Bailey said: “Having worked in Criminal Justice for over 20 years I see the PAM as unique opportunity to make our neighbourhoods more safe and secure.

"We want those individual who engage in criminal activities to take responsibility for their actions

"This is achieved by ‘Intelligence led policing’, which ensures resources are targeted in areas where criminal and nuisance behaviour is prevalent. This targeting is based on data collection and the analysis of this information that highlights trends and patterns of behaviour as opposed to it based on negative gender, racial stereotyping or other personal conscious or unconscious bias.

"Detecting and prosecuting perpetrators should not be compromised by misinformation, bias or prejudice. Training front line officers to use their investigative skills within the legal parameters, where action taken is proportionate, fair and equitable which maintains professional standards is another key factor in terms of my involvement in the PAM.

"Crime is not static and is evolving and we have to be proactive and adaptive to the changing landscape; the PAM provides scrutiny and the platform for adjustments in policy and practice to take place”

Please use the links below to find out how you can get involved, when the next meetings are and what the meetings have already discussed.