Please see the tabs below for Section 60 summaries, sorted by date.

Warrington – March 2020

The S60 was authorised by Insp Ruth Atherton and was in place over a 24 hour period between 16:00 on the 8th to 16:00 on the 9th March. The area covered the entire town centre specifically Winwick Road, Winwick Street, Orford Lane plus the residential area of Bewsey, specifically Lovely Lane, Folly Lane, Longshaw Street, Haryngton Avenue and Calgarth Avenue.

This was in response to incidents of serious violence where weapons were utilised over the preceding weekend at Lovely Lane, Orford Lane, Winwick Road and Calgarth Avenue will a belief this would be repeated again during the time of the section 60 authority.

Robust, professional action was undertaken and approximately 45 stop searches were conducted. A number of drugs cash was seized together with arrests some connected to the section 60 and other not. This has also lead to a closure order of a residential property, which has reduced the threat to the local community.

To conclude members of the public who witnessed some of the searches taking place expressed their support for the action taken by the Police and a serious violent incident was avoided.


Macclesfield LPU – March 2020

Section 60 authorisation by Inspector Gouck between 1500 hours 01/03/2020 until 0100 02/03/2020 in Macclesfield Town Centre. This was run in parallel with a dispersal authority under s34 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

The grounds for this authority related to intelligence that a fight involving weapons was due to take place on the afternoon of Sunday 1st March between youths from Macclesfield and Manchester.

The authority was publicised through social media channels in advance and elected representatives informed.

During the authorisation period, patrols policing the authorisation encountered young people who had knowledge of the fight. No disorder took place and no searches were required.

Feedback from the public on social media was mixed in terms of positive and negative. The negative comments were around the perception that publicising the authority was tipping off potential offenders. Other members of the public were understanding of the overarching aim of preventing any disorder taking place.

Crewe LPU – November 2019

Section 60 authorisation by Chief Inspector Newell between 1900 hours 08/11/2019 until 0400 09/11/2019 and a further authority 1900hrs 09/11/2019 until 0400hrs 10/11/2019 within the defined area around Nantwich Road, Crewe.

The grounds for these authorities was recent violent crimes committed at a similar time and day together with intelligence of people carrying weapons.

Overnight between 8th and 9th November 2019 there were 28 stop searches conducted within the S.60 area. No knives or weapons recovered, or arrests made directly linked to the searches. However, there was a violent incident on the outskirts of the defined area, two people were arrested for public order offences and assault Police.

Overnight between 10th and 11th November 2019 there were 20 stop searches were conducted, no arrests were made.

During the authorisation periods, the impact on the community was continually assessed. Social Media was kept up to date with awareness messages to the public and posts were monitored. The overall feedback from the public was positive.

Crewe LPU – September 2019

A Section 60 authority was granted by Superintendent Debbie Hooper for the period 20/09/19 1700hrs - 0100hrs 21/09/2019 for Sandbach Town centre and the area adjacent to Sandbach train station.

The authority was granted following the receipt of credible intelligence that a number of groups of youths were planning to congregate at the Wakes fair over the weekend period with an intention of fighting.

Prior to this authority being granted , Inspector Penny Jones had authorised a Dispersal Authority Section ( 34 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014); a youth was arrested following being issued with a dispersal notice being issued to him.

40 searches were carried out and a further 19 individuals were stopped but not searched. No weapons were seized.


Widnes LPU – August 2019

Section 60 Authority granted by Inspector Chadwick between 07:30 14/08/2019 and until 07:30 15/08/2019 24 hours. This area was detailed in a map but was an area encompassing the HAMMER and PINCERS public house in Widnes. The grounds for authorising these powers were due to incidents of violence which had already occurred and intelligence relating to people carrying knives in this area.

A total of 26 searches were conducted under this Section 60 authorisation. One person was arrest and charged with an offence. One cannabis caution was issued.

The section 60 authority was well advertised, with the map of the affected area, this was done through local social media including a radio interview . Using this pro-active approach resulted in less weapons being carried during this period and that it contributed to a lower level of incidents in the Widnes area