Friday 06th November 2020 at 10am
Skype Meeting

Andrew Bailey AB Chair – Independent Chair – Halton Borough Council
Lindsay Dixon LD Inspector, Partnerships
Jez Taylor JT Chief Inspector – MACC / Hate Crime Lead
Richard Deakin RD Sgt - Policy and Scrutiny, Partnerships
Eve Roberts ER Data Delivery Assistant, Research and Analysis
Dana Reilly DR Research and Business Intelligence Analyst, Research and Analysis
Julie Westgate JW Superintendent Uniform Operations / Police Use of Force Lead
Jonathan Egan JE CPS – Hate Crime Coordinator
Martin Cleworth MC Chief Superintendent Response & Uniform Operations
Mel Pemberton MP DS Professional Standards
Win Lawlor WL ICC
Peter Peters PP IAG
Shantel Sutherland SS CHAWREC
Gabriella Gough GG Secretarial Support

1. Previous Minutes and actions

Confirmed as accurate

2. Confidentiality Agreement

Confirmed and to continue with the agreement.

3. Update on CCG themes

Improvement plans for CCG’s
Youth work going on in Ellesmere Port – listening project being conducted.
Op Pandas – issues relating to the Covid19 restrictions (university students travelling from England into Wales)
Diversity of membership – any contacts in the Gypsy, Roma Traveller communities to join the next meeting. WL advised that they scoped to see whether there was interest within the community but concerns of how they will be perceived by their fellow community members were raised so may prove difficult to have a representative. Project to start once posts have been recruited into. The “We’re Still Here” report finds that people feel connected within their community but not to the wider community and that’s where we need to focus the project around building that connection working with all the agencies available. Post requires the right person and unfortunately been unable to recruit to the position so far. Covid restrictions are adding to the difficulties of engaging with communities. An action has been added onto the matrix. Pc and PCSO allocated to each so all 122 beats have a local PCSO and PC. Are being receiving additional training regarding GRT communities to enhance relationships between the GRT community, police and wider community.
Hate crime has been seen to be reported directly to the police which is evidence of the work that is being done within the communities.

4. Performance data

  • Report shared and presented within the meeting. - Hate Crime – CI Taylor
  • Stop and Search documents presented at meeting. – Eve Roberts presented the data provided on agenda
  • Use of Force data presented at meeting - Supt Julie Westgate

5. Policy/Procedure/Action Plan review

  • Revised Approved Police Practice , APP for Stop and search by the college of policing

6. Community Triggers review

  • Stop Search
  • Use of Force

No verbal update from PSD regarding community triggers.

7. Ride along scheme feedback (Stop and Search)

8. IAG update - Peter Peters

  • Currently recruited a police and youth representative – vetting stage
  • Chair – IAG has been attending Op Pandas

9. AOB

  • COVID – MDC – received funding from government to enhance the Covid regulation compliance
  • Everyone on the panel has an open invitation from the Chair, Andrew Bailey to discuss any issues or questions outside of the meeting, Andrew can be contacted on [email protected] or telephone on the Direct Line 0151 511 7720


Date of next meetings: 28th January 1000-1300 & 29th April 1000-1300