Freedom of Information Act
The Freedom of Information Act gives you a right to access information held by public authorities with the purpose of making organisations more accountable and transparent.

The Government has made transparency and open data a key priority as it fosters accountability, drives improvements in public services by informing choice, and stimulates innovation and growth. The move to greater openness and transparency is part of a wider transformation process of rewiring public services across local government.

Publication of information
In addition to the general right of access given to individuals under the Freedom of Information Act, public authorities are required to adopt, implement and maintain a Publication Scheme, which is based on classes of information that have been defined by the Information Commissioner.

This Publication Scheme commits an authority to make information available to the public as part of its normal business activities and is designed to inform members of the public about the certain types of information that Cheshire Constabulary publishes or intends to publish under the generic class headings which are listed.

Publication Schemes are intended to encourage organisations to publish more information proactively and to develop a greater culture of openness.

As a large organisation, Cheshire Constabulary often uses abbreviations within its textual information. To assist with interpreting these, see our Abbreviations List.

These are the classes of information published by Cheshire Constabulary:

Who we are and what we do
What we spend and how we spend it
What our priorities are and how we are doing
How we make decisions
Our policies and procedures
Lists and registers
Services provided by the Police Force
Ethics Advisory Panel terms of reference
Making a request for information
If you want to request information held about yourself you will need to make a subject access request.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for in the above sections you can make a Freedom of Information request, your request must:

Include a full contact name
Be made in writing- it can be made by email, letter or fax
Contain a return address (this can be an email address)
Clearly identify the information being sought and must be legible
You can send this information:

By letter
Send your request by letter to:

Information Compliance
Requests Team
Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters,
Clemonds Hey,
Oakmere Road,

By email
Send your request by email to [email protected]

Responding to requests
The deadline for a public authority to respond to requests is 20 working days, although there are some circumstances where this may be extended under the terms of the legislation.

Cheshire Constabulary is committed to disclosing as much information as possible under the Freedom of Information Act, subject to the application of exemptions contained within the Act.

Appeals and reviews
If you are not happy with the response to your request you can put in an appeal.

Statistics, reviews and appeal figures
View Cheshire Constabulary's Freedom of Information statistics from 2005- 2017.