Thursday 28th January 2021 at 10am
Skype, Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters, CW7 2UA


Andrew Bailey (AB) Chair – Independent Chair – Halton Borough Council
Martin Cleworth (MC) Temporary Chair due to IT Issues with Andrew Bailey, Chief Superintendent Response & Uniform Operations
Lindsay Dixon (LD) Inspector, Partnerships
Jez Taylor (JT) Chief Inspector – MACC / Hate Crime Lead
Richard Deakin (RD) Sgt - Policy and Scrutiny, Partnerships
Eve Roberts (ER) Data Delivery Assistant, Research and Analysis
Dana Reilly (DR) Research and Business Intelligence Analyst, Research and Analysis
Jayne Gilmore (JG) Research and Business Intelligence Officer
Julie Jackson (JJ) Detective Chief Inspector, Professional Standards
Nikita Clark (NC) Research and Business Intelligence Analyst
Julie Westgate (JW) Superintendent Uniform Operations / Police Use of Force Lead
Jonathan Egan (JE) CPS – Hate Crime Coordinator
Mel Pemberton (MP) DS Professional Standards
Win Lawlor (WL) ICC
Peter Peters (PP) IAG
Shantel Sutherland (SS) CHAWREC
Gabriella Gough (GG) Secretarial Support


1. Previous minutes and actions

Previous minutes from 6 November 2020

Confirmed as accurate & actions updated


2. Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement.docx

Confirmed and to continue with the agreement.


3. Stop and Search presentation

To be presented at next meeting – Ch.Supt. Martin Cleworth


4. Performance data

• Stop and Search – items 5a and 5b Eve Roberts/Ch. Supt Cleworth - Stop and Search Data

• Use of Force (including age related under 11 over 75 and MH locations) – item 5 c Sgt Richard Deakin/ Jayne Gilmore/Supt Westgate - Use of Force Data

• Hate Crime – item 5 d CI Taylor - Hate Crime Data


5. IAG update - Peter Peters

• IAG get together bi-monthly on skype currently to discuss the meetings that they have attended with the Police - Custody Scrutiny, Op Pandas, EU Exit.


6. Update on CCG themes

• All 8 groups are still running throughout Covid restrictions

• All groups want an increase for the depth of diversity who attend.

• Communities which do have little representation across the LPU units are young people and GRT community.

• The more successful community groups are those that have invited guest speakers.

• Listening project from the Ellesmere Port – how people have been affected by Covid. – On hold due to the need to interview people face to face.


7. Community Triggers review

• Stop and search in the last 6 months - cases discussed

• Data will be circulated prior to next meeting


8. AOB

• Everyone on the panel has an open invitation from the Chair, Andrew Bailey to discuss any issues or questions outside of the meeting, Andrew can be contacted on [email protected] or telephone on the Direct Line 0151 511 7720


Date of next meetings: 29th April 1000-1300