Thursday 29th April 2021 at 10am
Skype, Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters, CW7 2UA


Andrew Bailey (AB) Chair – Independent Chair – Halton Borough Council
Martin Cleworth (MC) Chief Superintendent Response & Uniform Operations
Lindsay Dixon (LD) Inspector, Partnerships
Richard Deakin (RD) Sgt - Policy and Scrutiny, Partnerships
Dana Reilly (DR) Research and Business Intelligence Analyst, Research and Analysis
Jayne Gilmore (JG) Research and Business Intelligence Officer
Tiffany Birchall (TB) Research and Business Intelligence Officer
Julie Jackson (JJ) Detective Chief Inspector, Professional Standards
Nikita Clark (NC) Research and Business Intelligence Analyst
Mike Lloyd (ML) CPS – Legal Manager / Hate Crime Lead
Shantel Sutherland (SS) CHAWREC
Angela Doe (AD) CWAC
Gabriella Gough (GG) Secretarial Support


1. Previous Minutes and Actions

Previous minutes from 28 January 2021

Confirmed as accurate & actions updated


2. Confidentiality Agreement

Confirmed and to continue with the agreement.

Confidentiality Agreement.docx


3. Stop and Search presentation

Presented during meeting – Ch.Supt. Martin Cleworth


4. Performance data

• Stop and Search – items 5a and 5b Nikita Clark – Stop and Search Data

AB raised concerns regarding the increase of the amount arrests on black ethnicity people and not using other resolutions. RD advised that he has reviewed the cases and it may be the judgement of the arresting officer that if for example you live in Manchester but are stopped in for a Stop Search and required to return to an LPU in the upcoming days for a VA, the officer then has to decide whether you are likely to turn up for an appointment or would it be best to arrest to then give your statement.

MC explained of officers shying away from the question that officers have to ask to define the person of arrests ethnicity as they could be in an uncomfortable position as they are being arrested for a crime. The concern is that police are always fearful of introducing race as an issue during a legitimate stop search which has the evidence, so then the suspect being stop search immediately thinks that it is due to race that they are being stopped creating more complaints.

RD advised that BWV is now being dip sampled and reviewed on the interactions with those arrested and capturing the questions that officers are asking the detainees during a stop search.
This should then see an improvement of the amount of encounters that the question is being asked.

MC advised that the ethnicity is being captured and recorded each time but this may be from the officers point of view rather than how the detainee defines them self, this is improving in terms of officers asking more questions.

• Use of Force (including age related under 11 over 75 and MH locations) – Item 5 c Sgt Richard Deakin/ Jayne Gilmore

No packs for use of force – last quarter (Q3) changes made to the recording system during Q3 so that report has been affected by the changes made. Numerous meeting have been in place with IT to resolve this but not yet complete for this meeting. Data will be circulated once recovered.

An action was taken for MC to oversee and drive for a resolution for this missing data.

Presented during meeting - Age related under 11 over 75 and MH locations

• Hate Crime – Item 5 d Dana Reilly – Hate Crime Data

AB questioned the Trans-Gender showing a significant reduction in the data – MC explained it’s really difficult to monitor the reasons why but it would be really interesting in terms of the hate crime to rise when the night time economy starts to open up post Covid.

ML – what is the reason for the Q4 hate crime data to be higher in Cheshire west – 1/3 of offences in just this area – this is due to the size of LPU areas.

Is there any data for online offences – JG will report back with a full answer as this has previously been raised.

Interactions with community issues have increased to more online submissions, these are monitored and we have to ensure that we crime and respond appropriately.

Gaming sites are creating a lot more hate crime. An action was taken to review what data can be retrieved for online hate crimes


5. IAG update - Peter Peters

Non Attendance - Insp Dixon to ensure representation/report for IAG to attend this group meeting


3. Update on CCG themes – Insp Dixon

  • Increase the depth of the diversity of the group now we are moving out of Covid Lockdown.
  • Warrington is the last CCG to be introduced the scrutiny of the stop and search. A formal CCG has been created.
  • Good work from Crewe regarding Modern Day Slavery for community awareness.
  • Hate Crime Education programme to give a wider picture of the impact caused on victims for suspects to view which could be a community resolution. This is in motion currently.
  • Handbook being created
  • Improvement of relationships with Young People and the LPU.
  • CCG’s have rescheduled their meetings to follow after this meeting.
  • Workshop for Leads to discuss the improvement plan, training and processes.


6. Community Triggers review

  • Use of force figures discussed/presented


9. AOB

  • No AOB declared.
  • Everyone on the panel has an open invitation from the Chair, Andrew Bailey to discuss any issues or questions outside of the meeting, Andrew can be contacted on [email protected] or telephone on the Direct Line 0151 511 7720


Date of next meetings: 29th July 2021 10:00 – 13:00, 21st October 2021 10:00 – 13:00, 27th January 2022